Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Our Corporate Identity Program (CID) works with stakeholders of multi-unit and multi-national programs and assists them with the management of large-scale Trespa® facade projects. We have a great team of professional engineers, estimators and fabricators, a talented marketing team and an award-winning inside sales team to provide excellent support and service. 

With our Quick Ship Panel website, contractors have direct access to our extensive inventory program 24-hours a day - making QSP a source for fast and economical ordering.

As Trespa's North American distribution partner for the CID program, we help companies with many franchise locations, with the quotation and distribution of Trespa® panels to ensure stores maintain a cohesive corporate Identity.

This CID project features the world-famous Taco Bell!

Taco Bell has been a household name for as long as most can remember. Best known for their Mexican-inspired menu items, and of course their delicious tacos, Taco Bell has been catering to customer needs since 1962. Glen Bell opened the first location in Downey California, and has now reached a whopping 7,072 locations as of 2018!

When choosing products for the exterior that would be most beneficial to Taco Bell, Trespa® provided the long-life design and aesthetic they were looking for. Trespa® products provide durability that prevents scratches and stays clean and intact despite harsh weather. Trespa® products also offer the best fade resistance, maintaining brand color and recognition over the life of the building.
French Walnut (NW14) with exposed color-matched fasteners fit the desired appearance Taco Bell was looking for. This simple yet chic look brings a timeless presence to this well-known establishment.

Other Locations:
Huntington, WV (Modern Explorer Design)
Louisa, KY Musica Design

Contact Linda@ats-sales.ca to discuss CID projects. 


Owner:  Taco Bell Pilot
Completion:  Material Shipped Dec. 2018
Location: Huntington, West Virginia
Architect https://www.core-states.com/  
Installer: Acme Enterprises
Material: Trespa® PURA
Owner:  Taco Bell Pilot
Completion:  Material Shipped Jan 2020
Location: Louisa, KY
Architect https://www.core-states.com/  
Installer: Chris Egglesden
Material: Trespa® Meteon®   
Owner:  Taco Bell Pilot
Completion:  Material Shipped May 2019
Location: Delray Beach, FL pics attached
Architect  http://gpdgroup.com/  
Installer: Nunno Builders
Material: Trespa® Meteon®
Owner:  Taco Bell Pilot (No Pics) 
Completion:  Material Shipped Nov 2019
Location: Orlando, FL
Architect  http://gpdgroup.com/  
Installer: KCR Innovative (Hector Rocha)
Material: Trespa® Meteon®
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