Lake Villa District Library

Lake Villa District Library

Lake Villa District Library has been serving the communities of Lake Villa Township since 1952. Their goal of enriching life in the community by connecting people with resources, services and each other cannot be denied as their beautiful 66,000 square foot building is filled with endless knowledge.

This library needed a change of location to add additional space to accommodate their community. With that, an inviting exterior was in order.

Lake Villa District Library chose Trespa® to be a part of this transformation due to its unique technology to withstand harsh weather and longevity. The array of colors and finishes allows for the desired wood-like exterior and bright display. 


The colors used for this project are Trespa® Meteon® Indian Terra Cotta (NA15) and Trespa® Pura® Slate Ebony (PU22); each fitting well with the overall vision and aesthetic desired. Now the Lake Villa community can have a fresh new start.

Owner: Lake Villa Public Library District
Completion: 2019
Location: Lake Villa, IL
ArchitectStudio GC
Installer: East Moline Sheet Metal Co. 
Material: Trespa® Meteon® Indian Terra Cotta (NA15)Trespa® Pura® Slate Ebony (PU22)

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