Trespa to offer Corporate Identity Program (CID) for franchisees.

Trespa to offer Corporate Identity Program (CID) for franchisees.

The Corporate Identity Program (CID) works with stakeholders to assist with the management of multi-unit and multi-national programs and assists them with the management of with large-scale Trespa facade projects. We have a great team of professional engineers, estimators and fabricators, a talented marketing team and an award-winning inside sales team to provide you with excellent support and service. 

With our Quick Ship Panel website, contractors have direct access to our extensive inventory program 24-hours a day - making QSP a source for fast and easy ordering.

ATS, the parent company of Quick Ship Panels is Trespa's international distribution partner for the CID program, which helps companies will many franchise locations with the quotation and distribution of Trespa panels to ensure stores maintain a cohesive corporate Identity. 

Recent CID Projects: 

  1. Nathan's Famous Inc. - Nathan's recently rolled out its updated new store with a modernized store clad in bright Trespa, a prototype for all new locations. 
  2. Sporting Life -Sporting Life completed the largest renovation and expansion of its retail space since opening 25 years ago. The architect transformed 13,000 sq ft of existing storage and office space into light-filled retail. The project's fast-paced construction schedule was phased to keep the store operational. The new design is timeless, rustic, and distinctly Canadian. 
  3. Canadian Tire The architect was hired to reinvent and hone one of Canada's largest retailers. The new strategy was brought to life through the conceptual design of a 140,000 sq. ft., and this store in Western Canada, this was an opportunity to think big – and differently – about customer-focused solutions and next-level experiences, and resulted in one of the most talked-about store launches in Canadian retail history.
  4. Dunkin DonutsDunkin Donuts selected Trespa due to its functionality and its low cost of ownership which is a welcome change to franchise owners and owner groups. 


Contact to discuss CID projects. 

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