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Trespa: An Introduction 

Trespa architectural products with their incredible fade resistance are emerging as the new face in branding, but Trespa is not a new product!  With over 60 years of experience manufacturing building products, Trespa offers a long history of success. 

Manufactured in the Netherlands, consistency with Trespa begins with a single manufacturing plant with locally sourced raw materials, that won’t be found on a red list.  


Technology is Trespa’s strength, giving rise to performance-based panels with second life capabilities which will keep Trespa panels out of the landfills.   

Sustainability is reviewed annually and best practices are implemented regularly.   

Trespa offers longer term solutions for retail, hospitality and CID multi-location programs that rely on color to define their brand. This will reduce the number of times an owner will need to renovate their exterior. With Trespa’s fade resistant technology, brand colors will remain true from the day they get installed to the day the panels are repurposed. 

Easy Maintenance

Trespa is manufactured as a homogeneous panel. What this means is that the finish décor is not adhered to a pre-manufactured core, but rather the décor sheet and core are manufactured together creating a single bond. 


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