Fishleigh Drive - Scarborough, ON

Fishleigh Drive - Scarborough, ON

Fishleigh Drive is a beautiful street in Scarborough Ontario that resides on the hilltop of Scarborough Bluffs. This area is famous for its luscious scenery overlooking Lake Ontario and picturesque cliffs. 

This 4,500 square foot house has an open concept consisting of many windows and Trespa panels lining the garage and various walls on the back of the house. 

The colors used for this project were Trespa® Pura® PU02 Classic Oak and Trespa® Meteon® NW02, giving the house a modern chic look that draws attention to passersby.

The woodgrain finish against the light and dark shades of the rest of the house creates a beautiful contrast and breaks up the house dynamic, contributing to the overall modern concept.

Owner: Confidential 
Completion: 2019
Location: Scarborough, ON
ArchitectTaylor Smyth Architects
InstallerArthur Ross Ltd.
Material: Trespa® Pura® PU02 Classic Oak,Trespa® Meteon® NW02
Photographer: Doublespace Photography 

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