Siège Social Cométal - Quebec

Siège Social Cométal - Quebec

Founded in 1962, Siège Social Cométal lives in Lévis Québec, focusing on manufacturing architectural and mechanical equipment for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. The building exterior was made to draw attention to its architecture, capturing what they stand for as a company. 

Trespa® Meteon® and Trespa® Pura® were used to create high contrast amongst the top and bottom of the building. The colours selected for this project were Trespa® Meteon® M53.0.1 Cooper red and Trespa® Pura® PU22 Slate Ebony, installed with ATS710. 

The mosaic look was achieved through the use of the metallic color. The colours appear different tones when turned on different angles, utilizing the polarized and directional reflection. 

In total, 5,634 sq ft of Trespa material was used. 

Owner: Siège Social Cométal
Completion: 2019
Location: Lévis Québec, QC
ArchitectPhilippe Beaulieu LaShop architecture
InstallerRevêtement de la Capitalet
Material: Trespa® Meteon® M53.0.1 Cooper red and Trespa® Pura® PU22 Slate Ebony, and ATS710

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