Ransom Everglades School - Miami, FL

Ransom Everglades School - Miami, FL

Ransom Everglades is a private institution that combines rigorous college preparation with a commitment to leaving the world better than we found it.

Learning to navigate unfamiliar environments has always been a key part of a Ransom Everglades education; whether the challenge is physical, academic, or ethical. Almost all of the students participate in service programs that are run and funded by the students themselves.

It was time for a fresh new look for the 3,563.86 sq ft school.

Ransom Everglades School chose Trespa® to be a part of this transformation due to its unique technology which gives Trespa® Pura® exceptional weather resistance and color stability.


The color used for this project was PU08 Romantic Walnut, giving the school a modern look making it appear more inviting. The final look fits well with the overall vision and now stands tall for passersby to admire!

Owner: Unaware
Completion: 2019
Location: Miami Lakes, FL
ArchitectPerkins & Will  - Coral Gables, FL
InstallerLotspeich Company Inc.
Material: Trespa® Pura® PU08 Romantic Walnut

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