Enoch Cree Nation School

Enoch Cree Nations School - Northern Alberta

Enoch Cree Nations is a proud First Nation situated in Treaty No. 6 Territory in Central Alberta, Canada. This 5,306.20 hectares (13,111.9 acres) of land is home to the rich education provided by the school.

The design team associated with this project recommended Trespa® for the material's ability to remain durable and rigidity for both interior and exterior applications. Furthermore, the vision was to capture natural-looking products to enhance cultural learning.


Applying Trespa® Meteon® to the exterior allowed the architect to create a punch feature and allowed proper rainscreen protection while creating an architectural feature to support the teepee focal point. This element was necessary to the Enoch Cree Nations heritage.

Trespa® Meteon® Montreux Amber NW06 satin with TS110 exposed for exterior use and exudes feelings of nature.

Trespa® Meteon® proved to be the superior product in wall protection and provided a finish to complement the natural cultural aspects of the Enoch Cree Nation. The color Trespa® Meteon® English Cherry NW10 satin was used along the interior gym walls, accompanied by steel studs that were strong enough to protect the existing gypsum.

Trespa® Pura® NFC® horizontal planks used in the cafeteria create an environment that allows students and teachers to escape the school setting and act as an oasis for mental health.

The Pura® NFC® was adapted further by the installation of acrylic Cree & English inspirational & motivational words. Trespa® Pura® Classic Oak PU02 was the chosen interior style for the cafeteria. Now the children of Echo Cree Nations can have an innovative new working environment.


Owner: Enoch Cree Nation
Completion: 2019
Location: Enoch, AB
Architect: Workun Garrick Partnership
Installer: Anchor Exteriors
Trespa® Meteon® Montreux Amber NW06 satinTS110Trespa® Meteon® English Cherry NW10 satinTrespa® Pura® Classic Oak PU02

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