Bank of America: Minnesota

Bank of America: Minnesota

As America's second-largest banking and financial products company, the Bank of America needed a facade that would work with its' expansion into Minnesota. Trespa®'s NW09 Wenge wood panels fit perfectly with the Midwestern state's naturally forested area.

The Wenge facade's addition to the project contributes its' look of wood along with Trespa®'s sustainability and durability to the Bank of America's commitment to improving the environment.

Trespa®'s environmental properties provide a clear reason why the Bank of America would want to incorporate the facades to their project, especially when addressing some areas of their concern, such as water conservation.

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Completion: 2018
Location: Brooklyn Center, MN
Architect: Nelson
Installer: Nordstrom Metal
General Contractor: Gardner Builders
Material: Trespa® Meteon® NW09 Wenge
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