Get Inspired By QSP Customization Capabilities - The Possibilities Are Endless.

Get Inspired By QSP Customization Capabilities - The Possibilities Are Endless.

On June 26th, 2017, Allied Technical Sales added a third CNC machine to their fleet to increase customisation capabilities.

With the newly added CNC machine, the possibilities are endless. Not only can they cut in any shape or size, there are no limits to its design capabilities. Whether it’s simple as rounding edges, creating holes for mountings, making perforations or getting your logo etched on to a Trespa® surface - the precise CNC machines can do it all.

 The Powerful CNC Machine.

Customization Capacity

While decals can fade, chip and warp, engraving, etchings, and perforations last forever. By simply sharing a vector file, the CNC machine can etch or engrave any logo or design onto Trespa® Quick Ship Panels. Our natural colored panels can also be scored to create a faux hardwood effect, with much easier installation. With the state of the art CNC machine, Trespa® Quick Ship Panels can be transformed into extraordinary works of art. Intricate wall murals, geometric designs, braille, morse code, rooftop shingles, non-warping backsplashes, and even furniture. The possibilities are endless.

 This panel features Morse code. Can you make out what it says?

Quick Turn around

Our customization is quick as most orders are quick-shipped within two weeks. We are called Quick Ship Panels, because we ship, quick!



Look how the CNC machine transformed our phenolic panels into a Christmas tree!

Muskoka Chair made of Trespa® Quick Ship Panels 

The intricate designs on this planer box were made by our CNC machine.

The CNC machine made precise perforations on this Quick Ship Panel.

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