Seward Park Views

Seward Park Views

Seward Park Views -

The Seward Park remodel in Seattle, WA. was built and designed by Synapse Construction. The previous design required the residence to complete a remodeling. Trespa Pura sidings were chosen for this project as it is high quality material, that needs little-to-no maintenance, that also provided the most convenience to the homeowner. It also fulfilled the need to maintain its quality in typical rainy Settle conditions.

Seward Park - Before & After

The clean lines and colors desired by the homeowner were chosen in line to its natural surroundings. The homeowner decided that Trespa® Pura NFC® Royal Mahogany would work well with the required design. It truly complemented the surrounding area.

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Location: Seattle, WA
Completion: 2018         
Installer: Synapse Construction
Material: Trespa® Pura NFC® Royal Mahogany
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