Q&A With Our New Architectural Solutions Representative Nicolas Vanegas

Q&A With Our New Architectural Solutions Representative Nicolas Vanegas

Nicolas Vanegas has over nine years of experience working with Architects, Designers and Manufacturers in the architecture industry across North America and Colombia. His experience will be very valuable to continue assisting our clients and bringing awareness of the brands that we represent.  

Although he is still learning from the construction industry, his architectural background will allow him to build successful relationships with GC's, Installers and architectural firms. Besides, he's got the support from very experienced people like Collette Hart, Linda Fogazzi.

What’s your full name and are you proud of it?

My full name is Nicolas Francisco Vanegas Ballen. Having long names is typical of the Latin American culture and mine is no exception. I did shorten it when I moved to Canada, but I like both Nicolas and Francisco because dad chose them.

Do you have any children?

I'm having my first in August, and I'm excited! It's a boy.

What are your favorite drinks of all time?

I like having mojitos on a nice day on the beach.

Where do you want to travel and where are some interesting places you have travelled?

Bora Bora, Greece and Italy are on my bucket list. We love to explore new places with my wife every year; last year we went to Cancun, Mexico, and it was amazing to learn about their culture.

My favorite trips include Thailand, Cambodia and the trip to Europe where we visited Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam and Paris were we got engaged.

Have you ever been to Europe? Where?

I've been only twice to Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam.

Do you love your Birthday or hide from it?

Oh no everyone in my house knows my birthday, and if they forget it... trust me I'll remind them. I love going to a nice restaurant and presents (especially if it's tech or soccer related).

Where did you go to University & what did you major in?

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia and my major is in Industrial Design. I also went to McGill University, where I did a diploma in Management with a concentration in Marketing.

What are the most powerful 3 words that changed your life?

I have two - Welcome to Canada! & You are pregnant!

Apple or Samsung?

Samsung 100% - Samsung tablet, cellphone and Samsung watch.

What lowers your blood pressure?

Cooking, cooking, cooking! I love cooking for my family and friends and coming up with new dishes all the time. Add some soccer to the equation, and I'm set.

What raises your blood pressure?

Watching a Colombian soccer game - I'm passionate about soccer, and I stress out watching games.

What are some of the Building Projects that you're proud to have been involved in?

Helm Bank back in Colombia where we specified the vinyl fabrics for their ATM's to the window coverings for Starbucks in the States and Canada.


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