Comparing Ipe hardwood with Trespa PURA Tropical Ipe- PU30

Comparing Ipe hardwood with Trespa PURA Tropical Ipe- PU30

What are IPE hardwoods? 

Ipe hardwoods are hardwoods that come from 7 species of Brazilian trees. They are known for their strength, exceptional fire-rating, durability and have a warm tone similar to that of mahogany.  

Ipe is a high-end and long-lasting choice for decking, sidings and other outdoor applications due to their steel-like like strength, however, they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to ensure they keep their luster. If they are not oiled/stained and maintained they quickly fade to a pale grey. 

Ipe fades

What is Trespa PURA Tropical Ipe?

NEW from Trespa, PURA Tropical Ipe provides the longevity, durability and the beautiful look of Ipe wood with low maintenance. With PURA, repainting and re-sealing are not necessary, this limits the life-cycle costs for Trespa PURA. This means PURA Tropical Ipe will continue to look great with little to no maintenance for years to come. While Ipe will weather, Pura Tropical Ipe won't.

The PURA decor features a rich blend of reddish hues, even grained deep cinnamon tones that reflect the look of Ipe. 

Cost Comparison 

Trespa PURA Tropical Ipe costs approximately 30-40% less than Ipe hardwoods. 

Cladding Cost Costs

PURA Tropical Ipe is much more economical than traditional Ipe. When maintenance and life-cycle costs are factored in, the cost of PURA drops even further and is remarkably low compared to most other cladding and wood siding options. 


What's more, PURA Ipe is sustainable, something that cannot be said about Traditional Ipe woods. Due to the large demand and shortage of Ipe trees, Brazil now faces a shortage of Ipe trees and is looking to establish laws to prohibit further deforestation of the species. By choosing Trespa Pura NFC® you can also ensure you are doing your part for the environment as the panels are PEFC and FSC certified and contain up to 70% natural fibers.

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