About Trespa® TOPLAB®


Trespa® TopLab® has been developed for the most demanding functional and scientific applications.
Trespa® TopLab® offers three product lines that combine basic requirements—like long-lasting surface hygiene, impact and scratch resistance, flexibility and easy to use—with aesthetic qualities that can contribute to enhance the experience of employees and visitors.

Trespa® Toplab®PLUS is the perfect surface for quality worktops with inherent antibacterial properties and highly resistant to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals.

Trespa® Toplab®VERTICAL comprises chemically resistant and antibacterial surfaces for applications in healthcare, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and laboratory environments, such as cabinetry, pegboards, splash backs and cladding in fume hoods.

Trespa® TopLab®BASE is the robust and lasting panel for worktops and cabinetry applications where scratch and wear resistance are of great importance whereas the chemical resistance of the surface is not critical.