Ranken Jordan

Ranken Jordan

Ranken Jordan is a Pediatric Bridge Hospital that offers a 60-bed inpatient program and several outpatient programs to children and their families. With an on-going mission to provide superior quality intensive transitional care, they developed an expansion project consisting of 78,000 square feet.


They required a facade that would reflect their passion and commitment to helping children and their families, and Trespa's Meteon® Unicolor and Meteon® Wood Décors were the materials for the task. Ranken Jordan's selected Trespa A28.2.1 Aquamarine, A03.1.0 Pastel Grey, A05.0.0 Pure White, A10.1.8 Red Orange, and M51.0.2 Urban Grey.


Having many hands onsite, the easy installation of Meteon® helps to simplify the process. Check out the Installation video here, or you may download the install instruction.


Completion: 2018

Location: Maryland Heights, MO

Installer: MILO Architectural Solutions, Inc

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