Conestoga Mall

Conestoga Mall

The largest shopping centre in Waterloo, Conestoga Mall attracts shopping enthusiasts across Waterloo Region. In 2006, the mall renovated, and in 2007, a new anchor store took over part of the mall that included an updated and modern storefront made partially with Trespa panels.
The project consisted of using seven different uni-colors in a satin finish with matching exposed colour fasteners. Panels vary from small to large sizes.

Location: Waterloo, Ontario
Completion: Summer, 2007
Architect: Pellow + Associates, Toronto, Ontario
Fabricating Contractor: Sobotec Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario
Installer: Ritz Architectural Systems, Toronto, Ontario
Fixing System: TS-110 Exposed Fastening with colour matched fasteners and joint closures
Material: Trespa® Meteon® Cobalt Blue A21.5.4, Carmine Red A12.3.7, Yellow, Black, Spring Green A37.2.3, Sun Yellow A05.1.4

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